Same jerks, different shirts

by Faceless Hulk

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Recorded at the Barfatorium, June to August 2004
Produced by Chris Dorota & Faceless Hulk
Engineered by Chris Dorota
Mixed and mastered by Chris Dorota & Ian Moneith
All music written by Faceless Hulk


released May 23, 2005

Thanks: The Dorota 5000 (the yoda), Ian Money teeth, Rick Middaugh, Sean Kelly, Tyler, Sean Wood, Julia, Baker(bakeF), Speedway, Cerestine Order, Decisions, the Apollo, Andy Middaugh, UNcle Willy, THe dirty delins, Meaty bitches, Ian mckay, I'm a computer, Chicken, Scummies, Arc (white guy), Besner, Barry, Brian, aliteration, TATS, Canadian SHield, Oxygen, Water, Craig Kainulainen, Crest, Nick, Families, The bus, Beer, Sweet lady propain, Sago's, Barfatorium, Sarcasm, Simpsons, Atoms, Kraft Dinner, The alphabet, The windex bum, Special olympics, Pussy, Peter Griffen, Travis dogget, Obscure Porn, Dave Chappelle, Jay for the booze, Jimmy Laukka, The guy, metaphors, evolution, obscure booze, Jungle snooch, Tyler Koval, Big Bob fetterson, Brunsin, Dick face, Bob barker's beauties, Axl rose (kevin), A.D.D

No Thanks: Kevin, money, simlies, Sebastien Bach (not the classical guy), Whoopi Goldberg, PI, Tedward (Lazy Larry), Mcdicks "I'll vomit it", Thunder Bay trasit, studetns, olympics, Eric Weller, music, Irish drinking arm, genres, simple plans, jello pumpkins, computers and bullets, ritalin, tops hats, gasoline, Tyler Renaud, OMC, YANFORMH, penis envy, movie remakes, thanks lists, smoking, sarcasm, age of majority, majority of people, underagers, castration.



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Faceless Hulk Ontario

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